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Our escape room games are self built, original scenarios, created with passion for puzzles and with the players in mind. Pick an adventure and play!

Save King's Landing

Inspired by Game of Thrones
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Secret Treasure of Dubrovnik

Fun and Educational
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The Independent

The underlying puzzle design is skilful enough that it’s seamless, which is how it should be; and moreover it’s executed with a flair and style that left me positively gleeful about some of the puzzles before I’d even got to them. If you’re in the area, this is a room worth going out of your way to play.

Escape The review

There was something special here at this one-of-a-kind room designed, built, and run by Bogdan himself. It felt authentic, personal, memorable, and was so so enjoyable. 5 stars, a smile on my face, and a place in my heart. 

Karlee - A hint of escape
Enthusiast - escape room reviewer

This room is an icing on the cake and a must do activity in Dubrovnik for all Game Of Thrones fans. 

The Independent

What is a real life adventure game?

Real life adventure games (also known as escape room games) are a new type of entertainment where teams of 2-5 players have to solve a series of mysteries, challenges and puzzles to solve a mission before the time goes out. 

Our games are fun for all ages, family friendly, perfect for quality time with your family, friends, coworkers or other travellers you met in Dubrovnik.

Save King's Landing

Escape game inspired by Game of Thrones

Immerse yourself in a world of mystery and engage in the ultimate Game of Thrones activity – a mission to save King’s Landing. Your team, the King’s Guard, is the only one who can find the hidden wildfire and use it against the enemy fleet.

This room is icing on the cake for all GOT fans. Not a fan? No problem. You need no special knowledge to crack the codes.

Capacity: 2-5 players Duration: 60 minutes Difficulty:4/5 | Language: EN/HR

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Secret treasure of Dubrovnik

Fun and educational game, inspired by the history of Dubrovnik

Your mission is to find the secret treasure, buried in the ruins after the Great Earthquake in 1667. Though it was thought to be lost forever, secret society found it and rescued it. You have the opportunity to go look for it, but be careful as everything comes at a price!

Find out interesting things from the past while solving the puzzles, put your brain to work and figure out how to get to the treasure.

Capacity: 2-5 players Duration: 60 minutes Difficulty:4/5 | Language: EN/HR

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history of Dubrovnik

Fun for everyone

Family & friends

Looking for a fun and exciting thing to do in Dubrovnik to experience with your family? Look no further! Escape room is suitable for anyone willing to have fun and keep an open mind!


Team-work, communication and collaboration are key to a successful mission, making this experience perfect for corporate team-building and events.

Special occasions

Celebrating a special occasion (birthday, bachelor / bachelorette, engagement parties)? Let us know in advance, and we can hide the presents (or the ring 🙂 ) with the puzzles throughout the room! Make it an unforgettable experience!

Recent reviews

With more than 550 awesome reviews, we are ranked as #1 fun thing to do in Dubrovnik
Bogdan and Diana are very fun and welcoming people, giving clear explanations before entering the room. They are passionate escape room players themselves, which I guess is the reason the rooms are such high quality and fun.
United Kingdom
Best customer service in Croatia. Amazing fun with enthusiasm and a smile. Bogdan was a joy to work with, and his rooms are of a high standard, with amazing attention to detail. I particularly enjoyed an addition of a back story to the rooms.
It was a fantastic time spent there with my familly.Staff is excelelent and even it was our first time playing this kind of game we are very pleasantly surprized.We will come again for Game of thrones..
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