5 most romantic places in Dubrovnik (recommended by locals)

Dubrovnik is romantic 

Dubrovnik is full of romantic and magical places. If you have ever wandered the streets of the Old Town, I am sure you will agree it makes you feel like a fairytale. However, there are some places that are more magical than others. We are going to show you the most romantic places in Dubrovnik to enjoy with your significant other: 

  1. Mount Srđ
  2. Lokrum island 
  3. Boat Tour
  4. Beach
  5. Escape Room 

1. Mount Srd

What better thing to do then to enjoy the beautiful view of the whole Dubrovnik in the fresh air? Hiking to the top or taking a cable car so you can have a romantic dinner or sip coffee, feels like a piece of paradise with your better half. 

Romantic view of Dubrovnik from Srđ

2. Lokrum Island

A 10 minute ferry ride to the most wonderful island near Dubrovnik will delight you and your significant other. Not only can you take a walk in the nature and meet friendly animals, you can make a picnic anywhere on the island. 

Unlike in the city, here you can swim around on the less crowded beaches, so don’t say romance is dead.

Romantic island getaway in Dubrovnik

3. Boat Tour

What’s the most romantic scene from the movies? Rose and Jacks kiss on the deck of the Titanic. 

You too can feel like flying by taking a boat tour and soaking in the delightful sights Dubrovnik has to offer with sea air on your skin. Watch the sundown while cruising between the islands while hugging your significant other. Can it get more romantic than that?



4. Beach 

Croatia is famous for its clear sea and the beaches in Dubrovnik are pretty as a picture. Enjoy some fun activities such as scuba diving or taking a kayaking tour. Or just do the classic romantic thing – lay on the beach sipping cocktails looking at the sunset.

Romantic sunset on a beach in Dubrovnik

5. Dubrovnik Escape Room

If you want to do something fun, test your and your lovers cooperation by finding clues and solving puzzles to escape the room. Grab your partner and combine your minds to Save King’s Landing or find the Secret Treasure of Dubrovnik. It may not seem the most romantic place but we promise you that working together brings you closer together.


Romantic activity in Dubrovnik – escape room

Happiness from solving the escape room in Dubrovnik