Dubrovnik Summer Guide: what to do when it's too hot

If you ever visited Dubrovnik during the summer then you know how hot it can be outside. But don’t despair! There are a lot of fun activities you can do in Dubrovnik when it’s too hot for walking or sightseeing.


  1. Take a swim & hit the beach
  2. Adventure in an Escape Room
  3. Visit a museum
  4. Go to the cinema
  5. Eat at a restaurant
  6. Go shopping
Take a swim & hit the beach

What is better than to jump in the sea or a pool when it’s burning hot outside? You can do some fun water activities such as kayaking or parasailing or just cool yourself in the water.

Adventure in an Escape room

The heat can’t touch you in a room with an AC while solving puzzles with friends and family. Make your reservation for the Secret treasure of Dubrovnik room or the Game of thrones inspired room and enjoy the no.1 fun activity in Dubrovnik.

Visit a museum

If you still want to do something productive and see something new and fun, go visit some of the many museums Dubrovnik has to offer. Get to know our culture and learn something new.

Go to the cinema

If you want to snuggle with your lover or entertain your kids for a couple of hours, going to the cinema is the best option when the sun is at its peak. So grab your popcorn and relax while watching a movie on a hot day.

Eat at a restaurant 

Too hot to cook? Dubrovnik is filled with restaurants with amazing food and local recipes. Try some fresh seafood dishes and have fun while tasting some new meals.

Go shopping

Shopping- music to the girls ear. When the weather is too hot for walking around, go to the mall in Srebreno or visit some of the shops in town. Buy some souvenirs to remember your stay in Dubrovnik.