Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Guide

Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Guide is your one stop for all GOT things to do in Dubrovnik, a.k.a. King’s Landing. Dubrovnik is the most popular GOT filming spot in Croatia, where numerous iconic scenes happened (The Walk of Shame, Purple Wedding…).
Discover the beauty of the Old Town, its medieval fortresses, narrow stone streets and beautiful Adriatic sea, see where the popular series was filmed, recreate your own GOT scene, take pictures and make all your friends at home envious for not coming along!
For the more adventurous, we prepared a list of cool GOT things to do where you can be a hero for a day trying Save King’s Landing, or set out on a panoramic cruise dressed in your favorite character (costumes provided). 

How do Game of Thrones stars feel about Croatia? 

See where Game of Thrones was filmed at in Croatia & find out how the film stars liked it. Get inspired to discover the beautiful Adriatic and get ready to explore Dubrovnik & Split area!

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