8 Game of Thrones activities in Dubrovnik true fans should not miss

(non-fans will also enjoy)

Find out what are the top Game of Thrones activities in Dubrovnik that any fan visiting King’s Landing should do! Since Dubrovnik was the main filming location in Croatia for King’s Landing, certainly there are plenty of GOT inspired tours, activities and things to do.

In fact, we shortlisted our recommendation of everything GOT related to plan your perfect holiday in Dubrovnik’s alter ego King’s Landing. Non fans will want to do these too!

1. Game of Thrones walking tour
2. Game of Thrones kayaking tour
3. Game of Thrones panorama cruise
4. Game of Thrones escape room
5. Game of Thrones inspired dining
6. Game of Thrones inspired drinking
7. Game of Thrones souvenir shop with Iron Throne replica
8. Game of Thrones Iron Throne and Lokrum

1. Game of Thrones Walking Tour

Visit all the Game of Thrones filming locations around Dubrovnik

Game of Thrones walking tour is a perfect way to explore the city, discover the GOT filming locations and also learn a bit about history. Typical walking tour is around 2 hours, and takes you through all the filming locations in the Old Town. Enjoy the city’s picturesque ambiance and recollect the scenes from the popular HBO TV series, all with an expert guide by your side.

If you have more time, take the full tour (around 3.5 hrs) that includes a trip to Trsteno Arboretum, historical garden that starred as the palace gardens in King’s Landing.

For the more independent, we recommend a self-guided tour. Map with all the Game of Thrones filming locations in Dubrovnik is available here. Download it and set yourself on an exploring adventure around town.

Game of Thrones activities in Dubrovnik

2. Game of Thrones Kayaking Tour

See King's Landing from the sea perspective and visit Lokrum Island

For a different view of the city’s magnificent walls, take a kayaking tour to Dubrovnik’s green oasis, Lokrum island.

Regular kayaking tour lasts around 2.5 hrs while the Game of Thrones kayaking tour is about 4.5 hrs long and includes a GOT guided tour of the island. You get water, sandwiches, dry bag, snorkels and wetsuits (if necessary).  It is definitely all you need for an amazing sea adventure.

Be sure also not to miss getting your very own Game of Thrones memorabilia.  The original Iron Throne that was used during filming is on the island, as HBO donated it to the city.  So go get your picture and make all your friends jealous for not coming along.

Game of Thrones activities in Dubrovnik

3. Game of Thrones Panorama Cruise

Get on board of the traditional Karaka ship from the times of Dubrovnik Republic. Immediately you will feel like you have sailed back in time and immersed yourself in history. Sail around Dubrovnik on the same ship used to film Game of Thrones.

Discover GOT behind the scenes, take cool photos in costumes on board and sip on Dragon Blood cocktails. Definitely you will enjoy this unique 1 hour experience, with its beautiful panoramic views of the Old Town.

Get a discount for booking both the walking tour and panorama cruise, very attractive Game of Thrones activities in Dubrovnik. 

Game of Thrones activities in Dubrovnik

4. Game of Thrones Escape Room

Feel like you are part of your favourite TV show
GOT inspired escape room is the ultimate Game of Thrones activity in Dubrovnik and a must do for all fans. This is a real-life adventure game for all ages that immerses you in the mysterious world of King’s Landing
This puzzle-solving quest lasts 60 minutes. Your team, the Kings guards, has to find the hidden wildfire in order to fight the enemy fleet.
True fans will really love all the GOT references in the room. Even if you are not a fan, you will have a blast saving King’s Landing. This is the no.1 fun attraction in Dubrovnik (rated by travellers on Tripadvisor). So team up with friends and pits your wits against clues and puzzles to finish this exciting game in time. 
Game of Thrones activities in Dubrovnik

5. Game of Thrones inspired dining

Feast like your favourite GoT characters
Restaurant Kopun, located on top of the stairs where the infamous Walk of Shame took place offers GOT inspired menu. Available for lunch daily from 12 -16 h, choose from a set menu of fish or chicken for the main dish. 
Savor on a delicious 3 course menu, inspired by the recipes from the Game of Thrones cookbook. Served in Game of Thrones themed plates and bowls, this is an experience true fans just GOT to taste. 
Game of Thrones activities in Dubrovnik

6. Game of Thrones inspired drinking

' I drink and I know things'

After exploring the Old Town and filling your bellies with food, head out to Lapad bay for some different scenery. Half way down the promenade is cafe bar Promenade with its Game of Cocktails, GOT inspired cocktail list.

Try how the Mother of Dragons tastes like, and see for yourself how big actually The Imp is. Unusual and exotic ingredients like violet liqueur, passion puree and magic mix with their distinctive flavours will surely delight your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

Careful though, one too many and you might be knocked off your feet and starting your own walk of shame.

Game of Thrones activities in Dubrovnik

7. Game of Thrones shop with Iron Throne replica

Bring home a part of King's Landing

Find a perfect souvenir to bring back home to your friends and family in the official Game of Thrones shop. This is the only shop that has a life-sized replica of the Iron Throne you can take pictures on. 

To take pictures on the thrones, you have to buy a souvenir or pay a 5 euro fee.

Pro Tip: play the Game of Thrones escape room and take your picture on the Throne for free

Game of Thrones activities in Dubrovnik

8. Game of Thrones Iron Throne on Lokrum

Be the King of the Seven Kingdoms, even just for a few moments

Lokrum island is a beautiful nature reserve, but also home to the original Iron Throne HBO used during filming. Taking your very own picture on the real Iron Throne is truly an icing on the cake for every Game of Thrones fan.

Find out fun facts about the series and how the cast felt filming in Croatia, in a free GOT exhibition. Take advantage of this unique opportunity tucked away on the islands, in the Monastery.

Exploring this charming little island full of bunnies and peacocks is something you do not want to miss in Dubrovnik!

Game of Thrones activities in Dubrovnik

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