Top tips for visiting Dubrovnik in the offseason


We know what you’re probably thinking: “Visiting Dubrovnik in the offseason? I don’t want to spend all my days inside some coffee shop or a museum because the weather is terrible!”.

We can show you the best of Dubrovnik in the winter, so you can ACTUALLY enjoy your stay in Dubrovnik (without feeling like you’re taking part in the Battle of King’s landing).

Because, if you, like me, have just had enough of:
– Streets jammed up with tourists bumping into each other all the time;
– Long lines to get a seat for a coffee;
– Hours of waiting for a bus that just isn’t full to the very last inch;
– Noise levels that make you feel like you’re at an AC/DC concert;
– All the stress of having to deal with epic crowds
DON’T panic, we’ve GOT you covered!

What you should know, though, is that Dubrovnik gets lots of sunny days all year round (more than 250 per year!) (or: more than Amsterdam, Milan, Paris, Edimburgh or London, so those are
off the table). If you still can’t decide and you’re afraid that there might be very little to do during the winter, here’s all the amazing experiences that Dubrovnik can offer you during winter:

1. Help save King’s Landing at GOT’s escape room

2. Make Ragusa great again finding its long lost treasure

3. Keep an eye on the perimeter of King’s landing by walking on the city walls

4. If goth is just your vibe don’t miss out on the great haunted tours;

5. Take part in Dubrovnik winter Festival or in Saint Blaise holiday

6. Don’t miss a single location where GOT was shot

7. If you “drink and know things” check out our typical wineries Dwino & Skar

Visit Dubrovnik in the offseason:

1. Help save King’s Landing at Game of Thrones escape room 



Are you a Game of thrones fan or you just LOVE solving puzzles ? Do you think you are brave enough to save a whole city?
Then you are the person we are looking for!

Visit Dubrovnik in the offseason and you’ll have the opportunity to become King’s Guards, race against the clock to try and save King’s Landing and protect the Iron Throne from the enemies. (On the other side, you’ll have to serve King Jeoffrey , but cmon it’s the safety of the city we’re talking about!)

If you are a GOT fan, you’ll appreciate all the references in the room, and even if you’re not a fan you will enjoy this creative, brain-teasing adventure. There’s also another room to play which is non-GOT related (check further down for additional info).

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to share this fun, unforgettable experience with family and friends and book now!

2. Make Ragusa great again finding its long lost treasure 

Dubrovnik treasure offseason escape game

Dubrovnik treasure offseason escape game

Have you ever found yourself in one of those extremely undigestible lessons at school, where the clock seems to simply be broken, and you just started wondering: “Why does learning have to be so boring?!”. Well, we did, and we decided that it doesn’t have to always be like that!

If you like learning history and you want to know about Dubrovnik’s past while having fun with friends and family, then our Ragusa Room is perfect for you. You will have the opportunity to find the long lost treasure of Dubrovnik and make this city great
again 😉 by solving some exciting and brain-teasing puzzles.

What are you waiting for? Book now and grasp the chance to become the hero of the day!

3. The City Walls Tour

Dubrovnik offseason city walls.

Dubrovnik offseason city walls.

If you don’t feel like spending a beautiful sunny day inside some museum, don’t forget to book your tickets for the City Walls Walking Tour (link here). Almost 2 kilometres long, the city walls were picked to shoot many of the HBO record-breaking tv
series Game of Thrones.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s like to be part of the City Watch of King’s Landing, put on your shiniest gold cloak and keep an eye on the perimeter for any intruder that might assault the city (Stannis Baratheon or Venetians, doesn’t matter).

You can also walk on the city walls booking your tickets for the GOT walking tour (check out further down for more information). Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the stunning fortresses you can
reach from the walls (Lovrijenac, Revelin, Minčeta, Bokar, St John and St Lucas).

You could also just want to enjoy a different angle on the picturesque Stradun or take some time to work on that perfect sea-in-the-background profile-picture we’ve all dreamt of; whatever the reason, don’t forget to book your tickets now!

4. Dubrovnik Dark Tours: ready for goosebumps?

Haunted Dubrovnik tour - offseason

Haunted Dubrovnik tour

You wish Halloween was a once-a-week festivity and crows are your spirit animal, but you’re all out of Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories: DON’T DESPAIR!

Visit Dubrovnik this offseason and experience its Middle Age look and feel, which is just perfect for you to recharge your haunted batteries! Check out to have the chance to take part in the walking tour, where a master story-teller will get you hooked-up on folklore beliefs and ghost stories taken from Dubrovnik’s dark past.

Are you ready to meet up in the out-of-town graveyard for this bone-shivering, macabre experience? (might cause nightmares and chronical spookiness)

Click here to book your tickets now!

5. Dubrovnik winter festival and Saint Blaise holiday

dubrovnik winter festival market.

Dubrovnik winter festival market

Enjoy a variety of food, drinks, souvenir and sweets from Dubrovnik and all over Croatia during this Christmas fair event happening from December 2nd to January 15.

There’s nothing more magical than walking around & exploring Dubrovnik’s Old Town in winter, with all the Christmas lights and decoration and why not, drinking a hot cup of boiled wine or boiled gin (two of the most appreciated Christmas beverages around here during winter).

Dubrovnik is perfect if you want to spend some nice winter holidays in a beautiful city away from the crowd. Plus, if you are in town on February 3 rd , don’t miss the biggest festivity in town – celebration of St. Blaise, patron saint of the town that has been continually celebrated since 972. This saint is so important to people of Dubrovnik, that in time of the republic, criminals were allowed to come into town 2 days around the holidays without fear of being prosecuted, so they can give their honors to the patron. So be sure you won’t miss it! (if you are indeed a criminal we don’t know if the rule still applies)


6. Don’t miss any of your favorite GOT locations

Game of thrones location dubrovnik

Game of thrones location Dubrovnik

What you heard is true: Dubrovnik was indeed the location HBO picked to shoot its fantasy masterpiece Game of Thrones. You’re thinking: “How do I know where every scene was shot?”, “Where can I hear juicy anecdotes about my most beloved actor?” and “I just wish there was a way I could see every single location where GOT was shot”.

Worry no more, you’ve come to the right place! Our friends do Game of Thrones walking tours & will give you the opportunity to have someone shout “SHAME!” at you (don’t forget to put on clothes!) and check out all the places where Tyrion pronounced some of your most cherished quotes of the whole series. Just wear all the merchandise you’ve bought in these last years (money well spent, no doubt) and book your tickets for the GOT walking tour here! For the more indpendent, we prepared a Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Guide with top Game of Thrones filming locations in Dubrovnik.

Local tip: Book both Dubrovnik escape room & the walking tour & get 20% discount in the Game of Thrones Dubrovnik package! 

7. Wine tasting tours: for those who “drink and know things”


Dubrovnik wine lovers paradise

If you enjoy some good wine (we cannot blame you) come to Dubrovnik this offseason and be sure to check out the wine-tasting tours and our local wineries!

You will have the opportunity to taste some good wine sitting right in front of our beautiful sea, visit local markets and taste local honey, ham and cheese, all while enjoying our world’s envied sights.

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